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buscard.jpgWelcome to our website, we are here to help you get what you need. We are a family owned and operated business that has real life personal experience, we guarantee we will go far and above to help you in your time of need. At American we have specialized and general cleaning and management services for residential and commercial applications. Some of our services include Home Clean-Outs, Organizing, Emergency Response to Floods and other immediate situations, Bio-Hazard Remediation, Continued Upkeep, Maid Service, Compassionate Care and Fellowship, Estate Management, Estate Sales, Repair Service to anything and everything in and around your home, Office, Warehouse.

Our specialty is Hoarder/Clutter Homes. Signs of hoarding include extreme collection and storage of items in the home and yard, accumulation of newspapers, rubbish, brand new items bought at the store that were never opened, blocked doorways and windows, small pathways throughout home, rotting food, used food containers, human and or animal waste, rodent and insect infestation, mold, spider webs, and general neglect of home. If this describes you or a loved one, we can work with you or the Individual, homeowner, family, or anyone else involved in the clean-up, future management and upkeep. Our "Extreme Team" crews are highly trained and efficient technicians working on your particular situation. We are trained in Virus, Mold and odor remediation, whether it be just general neglect or flooding, we are trained to handle all types of Minor to Extreme Situations. We handle all arrangements for dumpster drop off and removal, if needed, all supplies and equipment.

Whether its a major clean out with mold, mildew, rodent (rat, mice, insect infestation) Human and Animal Waste, Crime scene, Unattended Deaths, Vehicle Fatality, Hotel and Motel Emergency Remediation etc. We also offer professional advice for people who want to handle the jobs themselves. We are happy to help in any way we can! We have payment plans to fit your budget.

Hoarding is not limited to age, although it is generally found in older individuals. Hoarding has nothing to do with people who lived during the depression, as so many assume. Hoarding is a medical diagnosed condition known as "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" (OCD). These folks usually have a house ,office or warehouse filled with clutter, trash, newspapers, containers, which they feel they might need. They feel overwhelmed and don't know where to begin in cleaning it out, and things do not get any better with time. It just gets worse and worse to the point that rats, mice, insects infest many areas of the home and it becomes dangerous to them and anyone else who lives there or visits. Rodents carry many diseases that can kill humans. Mold is another killer that we are just beginning to understand. Whether you are a hoarder or not, we understand when folks get older they are not able to keep up with the general maintenance of their homes. This is where we come in and help you make a fresh start to healthier and safer living. We can save you thousands in repair and maintenance costs. The elderly in America are the number #1 greatest wasted resource. Their wisdom and experience is flat out rarely used and sought after. We Treasure the experience and wisdom of those that have gone before us and will continue to benefit from their wisdom. The only ways that will prevail are those tested and proven by time! We tip our hats to all those that have gone the way of common sense and decency and followed the proven ways, through the tests of time. Thank You all! We love you Dearly.

Did you know?
The average clutterer/hoarder will spend in excess of $150,000.00 in their lifetime on things that are rarely, if ever used. They usually live 8 to 16 years shorter than other people. Health problems are almost certain among this group. Priorities must be set straight when seeking qualified and experienced, professional and compassionate service help. Quality of life for a loved one should be priceless. Beware, of lately, there are some companies that are jumping on the bandwagon to perhaps, cash in on the "Extreme Cleaning and Organizational Service Business. It is of Paramount Importance that when seeking this type of service the company be personally experienced, along with integrity, honesty and a two way, everybody wins.

"Service Philosophy"

  • Life can be a two way street. A win-win relationship. We do now, and always will believe that "You can get everything you want in life, as long as you help enough other people get what they want". This is our Motto and Inspiration, and we are sticking to it!

  • Lets be practical, American Services offers affordable, honest and caring help, why would you want to compromise with any other. We Guarantee we will go far and beyond what you originally contracted for. We want you more than just satisfied. Over pleased is what we strive for, each and every time with every client.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the things you've collected through the years? Do you need help, getting it all under control? At American Hoarders Cleaning Service, we can help, we understand how you feel. We have worked with many people who were ready to take positive steps in getting their home cleaned and organized. If you are ready to take the next step and get the assistance that we offer, we can surely help. We can discuss your individual needs, and how making the next move can bring real positive results.

Contact us today to arrange for a consultation and estimate,with no obligation.

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We Guarantee we will go far and beyond what you originally contracted for, and we will meet or beat any other companies estimate for the same service. Our service includes a complete cleaning and sterilization of everything in your home. No other company offers this, from start to finish service. No, not one! Beware when you compare.

Relax, Help is on the way!

You can start enjoying every area of your home. Its like a new home once again! See the before and after section for dramatic changes.

When contacting us, be sure to leave your name, address, phone number and as much information as possible, about what you want done.

Please note: Heavy duty extreme clutter and levels 1 through 4, there is a charge for preparing an estimate.

Help is only a phone call away!. You will be happy to know our rates are half that of other companies. We do not cut corners to give you lower rates. We have a sliding fee scale for folks on a fixed income and do not turn anyone away for our services.

We Guarantee we will go far and beyond what you originally contracted for. No other company is as thorough as American Hoarders Cleaning Service! Guaranteed.

Seniors and Physically challenged people can get as much as 25% off our already low rates!

On a scale from 1 to 10, Our Clients consistently rate us a 10 and above.

Believe it or not, we offer "Gift Certificates" for those that want to jump start a loved one! It can be a great motivator and genuine, everlasting gift. Gift Certificates can be purchased and charged up to different denominations. Thanks to Dan for a excellent idea and gift for his parents, in Schaumburg, Illinois.


We would like to hear from you. If you have questions concerning anything related to hoarding, repair to anything and everything in and around your home, contact us through the web. We will help you in any way we can, regardless of whether you contract with us or any other service company.






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